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20th International Symposium on the Jahn-Teller Effect

16 Août 2010 - 20 Août 2010

Conférence scientifique

The international symposia on the
Jahn-Teller effect represent a series of
biannual conferences, the first being
held in 1976 in Bad Honnef, the latest
one in August 2008 in Heidelberg
JT2008. They serve the purpose of
bringing together active researchers in
the field of Jahn-Teller and related
vibronic interactions, and stimulate
further work by presentations of latest
results, joint discussions and
exchange of ideas. One highlight in
this field is the work of K.A. Mueller
who was awarded the 1987 Nobel
prize in physics for the discovery of
high-Tc superconductivity in
compounds where he was precisely
investigating the Jahn-Teller effects.
These compounds find widespread
applications nowadays in medical
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
More than half a century ago Robert S.
Mulliken: 'What are the electrons in
molecules really doing?'.
Entering the new millennium, we will
ask 'What are the nuclei in molecules
really doing? (as a result of what the
electrons are doing...). The XX
conference in Fribourg 2010 will
concentrate on the recent
developments of theory and
experiments about the Jahn-Teller
effect, gathering together
internationally renown scientists in the
field and young researchers in several
areas of science.

Intervenants / conférenciers:
Horst Koeppel (Germany), Miguel
Moreno (Spain), Alex Müller
(Switzerland), Victor Polinger (USA)
Mark Riley (Australia), Hideki Ushio
(Japan), Isaac Bersuker (USA), Sophia
Klokishner (Moldavia)

Prof. Claude Daul / Dr. Pawel Bednarek / Franziska Schacher (Conference Manager)
Adresse: Chemin du Musée 9,  1700 Fribourg  (Switzerland)
Email: jt2010@unifr.ch    T: 026 300 87 41    
Web: http://www.unifr.ch/jt2010

Date et heure: 16 Août 2010 16:00 -  20 Août 2010 14:00

Lieu: Pérolles, A140 (Campus Perolles II, Fribourg)

Rubrique: Chimie,biologie,zoologie,Chemie, Biologie, Zoologie


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