EUPRERA: Best Paper Award for Prof. D. Ingenhoff and A. Buhmann

Alexander Buhmann and Diana Ingenhoff, University of Fribourg, Switzerland: “Applying Variance-Based Structural Equation Modeling to Analyze Causal Effects Between Target Constructs in Public Relations”.
The paper analysis the causal relationships among trust, reputation and stakeholders’ behaviours through the application of structural equation modeling. This produces a strong paper that has practical, critical and original implementations for academic and practice that can be projected from this study. In addition for the discipline it is a considerable advance on evaluation methods with wider contributions beyond the paper content. Within the paper the findings empirically test assumptions about reputation, trust and behavioral intentions of diverse stakeholders. The paper includes original quantitative methodological instruments for research in public relations through structural equation modeling which are well applied and the authors provide an interesting and complete design process for the study together with an excellent explanation of the methodology, results and their application. Mehr zum Thema

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