International Conference on Fuzzy Management Methods

On September 29th-30th, 2016 the Department of Informatics, University of Fribourg with support of University of Bern and University of Neuchâtel in Switzerland had a pleasure to organize the First International Conference on Fuzzy Management Methods (ICFMsquare’2016) which took place in the Pavilion Vert of University of Fribourg.

Today it has become increasingly difficult to analyze the huge amounts of data and to generate appropriate management decisions. Furthermore, the data are often imprecise and will include both quantitative and qualitative elements. For these reasons it is important to extend traditional decision making processes by adding intuitive reasoning, human subjectivity and imprecision. The 1st ICFMsquare addressed the application of fuzzy logic to managerial decision making processes, and brought together researchers working in the areas of applications of fuzzy logic, granular computing, fuzzy management methods, inductive fuzzy classification, sense-making with vague web data and other.

The two days of the scientific program consisted of keynote speakers, research papers, and tutorials. We were honored to have as a keynote speaker Prof. Enric Trillas with a talk “A Reflection on the Words Uncertain and Probable”, and a second keynote speaker Prof. Elisabeth Chang with an interesting talk about “Semantics Data Integration Through the Use of Fuzzy Approximate Reasoning and Defuzzification”.

A set of tutorial sessions introduced conference participants into the concepts of the knowledge-driven society which is tightly associated with granular computing and fuzzy logic, cognitive cities, and sensor networks (Prof. Ulrich Reimer, Dr. Gwendolin Wilke, Dr. Edy Portmann), as well as the terms of linguistic summaries and their applications have been presented by Dr. Miroslav Hudec.

The proceedings of 1st ICFMsquare are published in the International Research Book Series on Fuzzy Management Methods by Springer, Heidelberg. The program activities of the 1st International Conference on Fuzzy Management Methods are the result of a huge effort of authors, keynote speakers, reviewers, and organizers. We thank them all for helping to make this conference a success.

More information about the conference, as well as the call for papers for the Second International Conference on Fuzzy Management Methods could be found in the official conference website:


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