Societal Cyber Security Culture (SCSC)

With the digitalisation of society, it becomes obvious that the topic of cyber security affects everyone in almost every situation of life all over the world. With the Societal Cyber Security Culture (SCSC) project at the iimt a human centric view on changing environments with special regard to cyber security issues is enforced. One focus of SCSC is the societal influence of individuals in loosely coupled infrastructures, such as in a Crowd Energy network with changed organisational structures.

These connections are in contrast to conventional organizational structures, such as in companies or public administrations, which are usually strongly interrelated. The fixed organisational structure has defined goals and requirements. In addition, there is a direct influence on security aspects. Weakly coupled structures have a self-responsible organisation with partly similar goals of their members and barely influence on security aspects. Loosely coupled structures are widely established in society where everyone has its own goals and an indirect influence on common security aspects.

Considering a Crowd Energy network as a starting point for research makes sense, since the underlying structures are settled between weakly and loosely coupled. In order to strengthen loosely coupled structures with regard to cyber security issues, individuals and groups of individuals play an important role. One of the problems in this environment is that individuals / groups of individuals have a different sense and awareness of security in a technical environment. New solutions are necessary for a more secure environment with changing structures.

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