Research Project with the Chair of Human Resources and Organization

The third phase of NCCR LIVES (with co-leading houses Unil, Unige) has been accepted by the SNF Panel for the years 2019-2023. In this program the IP6, co-led by Prof. Eric Davoine (UNIFR) and Prof. Nicky Le Feuvre (UNIL), will be funded for 1,1 Mio CHF.

The research projects of IP6 explore the effects of spatial mobility on the reconfiguration of gender vulnerabilities in occupational contexts, from a multidimensional, multilevel and multidirectional perspective (Spini et al., 2017). In accordance with the overall LIVES perspective, we take vulnerability as an inherently dynamic process, comprised of interactions between challenges or stressors that individuals may face across the life course, and the resources they are able to mobilize to deal with such challenges. These resources may be of a material, relational or cognitive nature, implying the need to study vulnerability as something that is analytically distinct from social exclusion or precarity. We propose to study and compare different forms of spatial mobility (expatriation, migration, residential change, educational mobility) in order to establish their links to vulnerability processes.

In this program, two projects are associated with UNIFR: one about gender and careers of highly skilled migrants in specific professional settings, and another one about integration processes and coping strategies of highly skilled migrants in Swiss organizations (this study is a part of a 10 country comparative research project led by Prof. Aida Hajro (Brunel University, UK) and Prof. Günter Stahl (WUW, Austria)).

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