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In the recent innovation and technology course students produced a lot of brilliant ideas that are worthy to follow upon. The spectrum of ideas was manifold and involved for example a green gym, verroa mite recognition on bees, AEI - der mobile Arbeitsplatz, modular furniture, crowdsourcing video game, and so forth. Altogether, the students were very energetic and awoke their enthusiasm by working on concrete and practical solutions. However, we recognised that the step towards implementation is a big hurdle to overcome and many students were not able to persevere until completion. We discovered reasons primarily being: a shortage of time and space to work on the idea, missing knowledge and lack of resources, or a simple personal reference point to support them in the journey. The iimt, therefore, initiates the concept of “ideas@iimt” that will provide an entrepreneurial environment. The concept encompasses the values of Imagination to find new solutions, Design-thinking to overcome obstacles, apply Excellence of education, get Access to knowledge and resources, and transfer Strategy for other successful solutions. ideas is located at the iimt and is accessible to all innovative students. We are also proud to already have our first student working on the energy concept for a green gym. Furthermore, the ideas concept aspires to work with industrial partners. We are at the beginning and looking forward to create a vibrant innovative environment.
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