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The DCM has given thought to organizational development. On this occasion, we looked at how to optimize information accessibility, communication tools, thesis and seminar papers management, students and alumni contact, DCM meetings, and councils. Among implementations of optimization that we started are :

1) Weekly meetings at different levels (profs, intermediary body) that allow to optimize decision making and information processes across department. This was crucial during pandemic, but will also be continued afterwards.

2) Upon retirement of one of our secretary we have developed the role into one of a departmental manager. This should help us to evolve secretarial processes, to operate as a united and grown department, and to reduce administrative workload (e.g. coordinated planning for programs; optimizing hiring procedures, use of digital tools, use of budget etc.).

3) We started a pilot project of “One DCM” in which we organize with the help of a stagiaire from our BA program a number of initiatives that allow students from both German and French programs to  collaborate jointly on ad hoc projects (e.g. joint initiative to create new communication material for our current and new programs that puts students at the centre). These extra curricula activities are initiated in the framework of the BA stage system that is in place at DCM.

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