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As every year, in 2022 the iimt also has published a series of students’ research papers. We are proud to announce that new brilliant papers are now available on our University Press. We are pleased to put the spotlight on an EMBA paper, “A prognostic management tool for the prediction of reproduction success in dairy cattle”, by Alex Barenco and Nicolas Berger.

The goal of this EMBA research paper is to evaluate an intuitive, user-friendly tool to help farmers make reproduction management decisions by using herd- and cow-level parameters to forecast the chance of conception success for a particular insemination. Machine learning was used to predict the insemination outcomes of individual cows based on phenotypic data using the Modulos AutoML platform. The study examines data from 2,500 Swiss farms during a five-year period from 2015 to 2020.

Read the paper at https://www.shop.iimt.ch/epages/176782.sf/de_CH/?ObjectPath=/Shops/176782/Products/978-3-905814-88-0


Published Paper: “Forecasting the Quality of Life in a Future Smart Society, the Case of Switzerland” – by Mohammad Aldabbas, Stephanie Teufel, Bernd Teufel and Janick Spycher

The rapid changes and development of technology always bring social challenges to societies and human daily life. The industrial revolution changed the face of the earth in an unprecedented way. Likewise does the emergence of Society 5.0. The following study investigates the impact of the technology of the future smart society on the quality of life, taking Switzerland as an example while keeping an eye on the opportunity-risk analysis. Five measurable variables were defined to run the forecast. The outcomes predict slight improvement of the financial situation in the society collectively, but it is accompanied with job shortages in some sectors. The study and results presented in the paper are part of an ongoing comprehensive research project on Smart Sovereignty in a forthcoming smart society.

Read the paper at http://www.ijssh.org/index.php?m=content&c=index&a=show&catid=128&id=1498

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