Nomination of Professor Manuel Puppis as Vice-Chair in one Committee of Experts of the Council of Europe

On 31 March and 1 April 2022, the Committee of Experts on Increasing Resilience of the Media (MSI-RES) held its first meeting. The Committee is composed of 13 members with recognised expertise in media and internet law, journalism and information technology. It comprises seven member States’ representatives, designated by the Steering Committee on Media and Information Society (CDMSI), and six independent experts, appointed by the Secretary General of the Council of Europe.

The Committee of Experts is tasked with preparing two documents by the end of 2023, Draft Guidelines on the use of digital tools including artificial intelligence (AI) for journalism/by journalists and Good practices for sustainable media financing.
The Committee elected Mr Ramón Salaverría, Professor of Journalism at the Center of Internet Studies & Digital Life, University of Navarra, as Chair of the MSI-RES, and Mr Manuel Puppis, Professor in Media Systems and Media Structures at the University of Fribourg, as Vice-Chair. Ms Ludmila Andronic, Lecturer in the Department of Journalism and Communication Sciences of the Moldova State University was appointed Gender Equality Rapporteur.

Committee members and other participants had an in-depth and insightful discussion on the elements and structure of the future deliverables, also designating two drafting rapporteurs to work on each document. Ms Natali Helberger, Professor in information law at the Institute for Information Law, University of Amsterdam, and Mr Richard Fletcher, Senior Research Fellow at the Reuters Institute of the Study of Journalism were entrusted the preparation of the Draft guidelines on the use of AI in journalism. Ms Elda Brogi, Professor (part-time) at the European University Institute, Florence, and Scientific Coordinator at the Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom, and Ms Helle Sjøvaag, Professor of Journalism at the University of Stavanger, will collect good practices for media funding.

For further information, see the MSI-RES website

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