Master students of the faculty visit the headquarter of Eversys in Valais

The students of the seminar "Case Studies in International Strategy", organized by Prof. Rudolf Grünig, had the opportunity to visit Eversys on October 12th. Eversys is a producer of professional coffee machines. The company was founded in 2009. Within a few years, it had remarkable growth. Today, it occupies more than 200 employees and reaches 2022 an estimated turnover of around 100 Mio CHF. Due to a collaboration with Starbucks, the company expects to triple its turnover in the next years. The extension of the factory has already started.

The students received an in-depth presentation on the company by its CEO and the Chief Commercial Officer and got a tour through the factory. In the next months, they will analyze in three groups the regions Scandinavia, Middle East and South East Asia and suggest strategic roadmaps for further growth. Mid-December, they will have the unique opportunity to present their ideas in front of the CEO and other executives of Eversys.


Chair of Management

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